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Criadero de gatos Ragdoll

Xenia is a very special female because is Otto´s daughter. This teddy bear has an amazing genetic but he is not usually interested in girls so get offspring from him is very difficult. Luckily, Xenia was born and we fell in love since minute one. We love her round face and fatty bellyand, although she isn´t our bigest female, we think she will give beautiful kittens with a very sweet temper.




17Oct2015 FIFE (Málaga) (4-7 months) Sra. Dorthe Kaae Exc.1
18 Oct2015 FIFE (Málaga) (4-7 months) Sr. Robert Lubrano Exc.2
5Dec2015 FIFE (Alcorcón) (4-7 months) Sr. Yan Roca-Folch Exc.1 + BIV Total + Nomination
6Dec2015 FIFE (Alcorcón) (4-7 months) Sr. Dieter Filler Exc.1
23Jan2016 FIFE (Bordeaux) (7-10 months) Sra. M. Vinkel Exc.2
24Jan2016 FIFE (Bordeaux) (7-10 months) Sr. Yan Roca-Folch Exc.2
30Jan2016 FIFE (Lisbon) (7-10 months) Sra. Mira Fonsén Exc.2
31Jan2016 FIFE (Lisbon) (7-10 months) Sr. Vladimir Isakov Exc.2
27Feb2016 FIFE (Valladolid) (7-10 months) Sra. Stephe Bruin Exc.1
28Feb2016 FIFE (Valladolid) (7-10 months) Sr. Mario Ottino Exc.1+BIV
14May2016 FIFE (Madrid) CAC Sr. Sebastian Pruchniak Exc.2
15May2016 FIFE (Madrid) CAC Sr. C. Federico Sandon Exc.2