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Criadero de gatos Ragdoll

Mister Moonlight comes directly from La Fee des Greves cattery in France and from our dearest friend Catherine. He is everything I dreamed: he has a wide and strong head, deep blue and big eyes, a perfect ear position and a long and strong body. But his greatest quality is his temperament, sweet and friendly, following us everywhere around the house. He is Mojito´s half-brother. They both sahre the same father, La Fee des Greves Le Roi, a seal mitted male who makes me crazy. I can only say thank you to Catherine again for trusting me this jewel. I know she likes me and she gives me the best cats from her cattery.




14Jan2017 FIFE (Paris) (4-7 months) Sr. Alexey Shchukin Exc.1+BIV+Nom
15Jan2017 FIFE (Paris) (4-7 months) Sr. Vladimir Isakov Exc.1+BIV+Nom
25Feb2017 FIFE (MEDITERRANEAN WINNER SHOW-Valladolid) (4-7 months) Sr. Mario Ottino Exc.1
18Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (7-10 months) Sra. Anna Wilczek Exc.1+BIS
19Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (7-10 months) Sra. Sirpa Lindelöf Exc.1+BIS
1Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (7-10 months) Sra. Stephe Bruin Exc.1
2Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (7-10 months) Sr. Louis Coste Exc.1+BIS
29Apr2017 FIFE (Moraleja) (7-10 months) Sra. Stephe Bruin Exc.1+BIV+BIS
30Apr2017 FIFE (Moraleja) (7-10 months) Sr. Ireneusz Pruchniak