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Miss Mojito is our first bet for Swedish lines, which we love because of the extreme ear position. But Mojito is much more that a very good ear-setting. She is strong like a male, has an incredible eye colour and she is the most lovely girl I have ever met. She arrived at home like a birthday surprise from my beloved husband Hugo. A gift which I won´t be able to forget thank to him and to my dear friend Catherine from France: they both planed how surprise me and they got it! I am absolutly in love with this doll.




3Nov2016 FIFE(Madrid) (4-7 months) Sr. Gerardo Fraga Exc.1+Nom+BIS
4Nov2016 FIFE(Madrid) (4-7 months) Sra. Laskowska-Malaga Exc.1+Nom+BIS
14Ene2017 FIFE (París) (4-7 months) Sr. Charles Spijker Exc.1+BIV+Nom
15Ene2017 FIFE (París) (4-7 months) Sra. Stephanie Serrai Exc.1+BIV+Nom
25Feb2017 FIFE (MEDITERRANEAN WINNER SHOW-Valladolid) (7-10 months) Sr. Alexey Shchukin Exc.1+Nom
18Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (7-10 months) Sra. S. Lindelöf Exc.1+BIV+Nom
19Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (7-10 months) Sra. Anna Wilczek Exc.1+BIV+Nom
1Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (7-10 months) Sr. Philippe De Guerny Exc.1+Nom
2Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (7-10 months) Sra. Joëlle Monney Exc.1+Nom
29Apr2017 FIFE (Moraleja) (7-10 months) Sr. Leslie Van Grebst Exc.1+Nom
30Apr2017 FIFE (Moraleja) (7-10 months) Sr. Louis Coste