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Criadero familiar de gatos Ragdoll

Lexington is a beautiful blue bicolor female from Lil´Magics Cattery in Sweden. We really love her sweet face and her blue big eyes. Her size is also big for a female and she did very well in her first shows, getting very great results. But what we like the most is her friendly temper. She is always following us around the house and trying to play with our kids. Thank you so much to Anna Thissel for letting us this beauty.




4May2019 FIFE (Talavera) 11 Sr. Lee Salassa Exc.1+BIV+Nom+BIS
5May2019 FIFE (Talavera) 11 Sra. Gina Grob Exc.1+Nom
19Oct2019 FIFE (Ávila) 9 Sra. Laura Scholten CAC+BIV+Nom+BIS
20Oct2019 FIFE (Ávila) 9 Sra. Anna Wilczek CAC+Nom+BIS
7Dec2019 FIFE (Alcorcón) 9 Sr. Vladimir Isakov CAC+BIV+Nom
8Dec2019 FIFE (Alcorcón) 7 Sra. Anna Wilczek CACIB