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Criadero familiar de gatos Ragdoll

La Plata is a beautiful blue mitted female out of Daiquiri and Mojito. We did not plan to keep her but she finally touched our hearts with her sweet temper and her dark blue eyes. What we like the most now that she has developed is her boning body and the width of her muzzle, something that we are pursuing in our lines. She looks like her mother but no as extreme as she is, something that helped us to make the decision of keeping her with us. From his father, she took the sociable and playful temper.




20Oct2018 FIFE (Ávila) 12 Sra. Anna Wilczek Exc.1
21Oct2018 FIFE (Ávila) 12 Sra. Noskova Exc.1+Nom
27Oct2018 WS Tampere 12 Sr. Michael Edström Exc.1+BIV
8Dic2018 FIFE (Alcorcón) 12 Sr. Stephan Henry Exc.1+Nom+BIS
9Dic2018 FIFE (Alcorcón) 12 Sr. Michael Edström Exc.1+Nom