We are Ragdoll breeders since 2008. Our passion for cats, has encouraged us to start with the breeding and showing, and we have chosen this particular breed for its excellent character and beauty. The Ragdoll temper is wonderful and friendly and they are the perfect partner if you have children or animals.

At the moment we have three males (Chris, Tyrion and Daiquiri) and nine females (Riana, Bea, Mojito, Zoe, Marbu, Xenia, Lagertha, La Plata and Marimorena), you can find pictures of them in this web site. We don’t dismiss to increase the family in the future, but now it is enough for us with these cats.

Our house is in Madrid, Spain. Our cats are part of our family and live with us together at home. Besides, they have an outdoor installation where they can enjoy without any danger. Our cats are members of our family and we will look for them good families and forever-homes.

We are a registered breeder affiliated to ASFE (Spain Feline Association-FIFE) with member number 717 and we are member of Spanish Club of Ragdoll.


We hope you like our kittens!