The Ragdoll

Its character
It is a cat breed characterized by its extreme docility. The Ragdoll is a home-loving, quiet, playful and really smart cat. One ability of the Ragdolls is to go limp while holding them, getting soft and lifeless just like a child's ragdoll. This characteristic explains literally the name Ragdoll.


The Ragdoll is a cat with a semi-longhair coat in three different patterns: colorpoint, bicolor and mitted.

The colorpoint pattern (also known as Siamese pattern) is characterized by the darker color (another than white) in the extremities, ears, mask and tail.

The mitted pattern, like the colorponˇint, has also color points, but with a physical peculiarity: the chin and the front legs are white, so that It looks like the cat is wearing gloves.

In the bicolor pattern the mask is to have an inverted “u” and the legs are completely white.





Ragdoll kittens are born completely white. The color points and patterns start to show in approximately seven days. The main colors are: Seal, Blue and Red. From these colors come other colors: Chocolate, Lilac and Cream. In some cats are stripes to find in the color. This is called Lynx and is a genetical characteristic. One of the parents must be Lynx so that the kittens have this peculiarity.



They have a semi-longhair coat, that doesn’t need a special care.
-Once a week grooming.
-Twice a year bathing with special cat shampoo.
-To cut the claws periodically.
-Visit the vet once a year for vaccination and control.


The Ragdoll will grow until they reach full maturity at around three years of age. An adult male can have a weight between 5,4 and 9 kg. and could reach 90 cm. in length, whereas the female can have a weight between 4,5 and 6,8 kg.