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Criadero de gatos Ragdoll

His true name is Chris Hemsworth, as the actor who performans to Thor in the movie "The Avengers". This awesome male comes from Diamondriver cattery in Germany. We spent a very long time looking for a new male for bringing new blood to our lines and when Corinna, her breeder, offered him, we couldn´t say no. He is masive, with a very big and strong body. His head is impressive too. His deep blue eyes give him a sweet look. The most beautiful thing is his forehead, very round and large. He is perfect for us and we are very happy. Thank you so much Corinna for trusting this amazing boy. In 2016 Chris was National Winner 2016 number 2 in all categories and number 1 in category 1.



23Jan2016 FIFE (Bordeaux) (4-7 months) Sra. M. Kudra Exc.1+BIV+BIS
24Jan2016 FIFE (Bordeaux) (4-7 months) Sr. Mario OTTINO Exc.1+BIV+BIS
30Jan2016 FIFE (Lisbon) (4-7 months) Sr. Vladimir Isakov Exc.1+BIV+Nom.
31Jan2016 FIFE (Lisbon) (4-7 months) Sr. Yan Roca-Folch Exc.1+Nom.
27Feb2016 FIFE (Valladolid) (4-7 months) Sr. Mario Ottino Exc.1+BIV
28Feb2016 FIFE (Valladolid) (4-7 months) Sr. Jorge Fernández Exc.1+BIV
14May2016 FIFE (Madrid) (7-10 months) Sr. Sebastian Pruchniak Exc.1+BIV+ BIS
15May2016 FIFE (Madrid) (7-10 months) Sr. C. Federico Sandon Exc.1+BIS
21May2016 FIFE (Int. Show Boxtel) (7-10 months) Sr. Charles Spijker Exc.1+Nom
22May2016 FIFE (Int. Show Boxtel) (7-10 months) Sra. Stephane Henry Exc.1+BIV+Nom
3Sept2016 FIFE (Castets) (Class 9) Sr. M.M. Ottino CAC+BIV+ BIS+BOS+BOB1º
4Sept2016 FIFE (Castets) (Class 9) Sr. R. Lubrano CAC+BIV+Nom
22Oct2016 FIFE (Alboraya) (CAC) Sra. Donatella Mastrangeli¡o CAC+BIV+ BIS
23Oct2016 FIFE (Alboraya) (CACIB) Sra. Marie Percynská CACIB+BIV+BIS
29Oct2016 FIFE WORLD CAT SHOW (Viena) (CACIB) Sra. Marie Westerlund EXC1+CACIB
3Dec2016 FIFE (Madrid) (CACIB) Sra. Brita Busse CACIB++BIV+BIS
4Dec2016 FIFE (Madrid) (CAGCIB) Sr. Yan Roca-Folch CAGCIB+ BIS
28Jan2017 FIFE (Bordeaux) (CAGCIB) Sr.Cristiano F.Sandon CAGCIB+BIV+BIS+BOS
29Jan2017 FIFE (Bordeaux) (CAGCIB) Sra. Isabelle Maillard CAGCIB+BIV+BIS
18Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (CAGCIB) Sr.Philippe De Guerny CAGCIB+BIV+Nom
19Mar2017 FIFE (Sartrouville) (CAGCIB) Sra. Philippe De Guerny CAGCIB+BIV+BIS
1Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (CAGCIB) Sr.Louis Coste CAGCIB+BIS+BOB 2º
2Apr2017 FIFE (St. Quentin) (CAGCIB) Sra. Stephe Bruin CAGCIB+BIS
28-29Oct2017 FIFE WORD CAT SHOW(Netherlands) (CAGCIB) Sr. A di Chio CAGCIB
25Nov2017 FIFE (Biarritz) (CACS) Sra. Joëlle Monney CACS+BIV+BIS+BOB 1º
26Nov2017 FIFE (Biarritz) (CACS) Sr. Stephane Henry CACS+BIV+BIS+BOB 1º
2Dec2017 FIFE (Alcorcón) (CACS) Sra. Alejandra B. Turski CACS+BIS
3Dec2017 FIFE (Alcorcón) (CACS) Sra. oLGA Sizova CACS
3-4Feb2018 MEDITERRANEAN WINNER SHOW (Lisboa) (CACS) Sr. Karl Preiss CACS
25Feb2018 FIFE (Valladolid) (CACS) Sr. Boris Lupan CACS+BIV
26Feb2018 FIFE (Valladolid) (CACS) Sr. Jorge Fernández CACS